Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt


The Shamanic Mysteries offers us an opportunity to awaken the healing power of the heart through working with the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt in new interpretations of ancient rituals.

You will learn some of the mythology and the archetypical aspects of ancient Egypt while taking a shamanic journey through the renewal of the heart and the body and a rebirth with the assistance of the gods and goddesses.


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Armstrong, British Columbia

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Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt:

The book Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt is helpful but not mandatory

Based on the channeled teachings from the book Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf and my experiences as an initiate of the mysteries and my travels through Egypt.

Class Schedule 

Online class

Mondays and Thursdays

January 4, 2021 to January 28, 2021

10 am to  12 pm  Pacific Standard Time

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To be announced

Armstrong, British Columbia


for more information please contact Debbie 

at 250-309-0626 or


In the Belly of the Goddess

8 day online class

January 2021

This class is based on the work of the renowned healer and author Nicki Scully.  I have worked very closely Nicki and Sekhmet doing this work for many years and feel honoured to be able to bring it to you at this time. 

All people develop behavioural patterns during early childhood that, regardless of how conscious we are, direct our responses to the challenges of life. Because of these patterns we react in unconscious ways, ranging from helplessness to rage.  We lose our centre and often hide or act out in ways that create chaos or that are harmful or limiting to ourselves or those we love. If we can transform these deeply rooted negative patterns, the energy used to maintain them can be released and used for more productive, constructive applications. Then our responses to life would be different—richer and more conscious.

In this work the old habit patterns are the ingredients to be transformed. This transformation process is a kind of alchemy, a way of turning the lead of our deeply ingrained, unconscious reflexive responses into the gold of enlightened choice.  You can invite these patterns to rise into consciousness, and offer them and yourself to Sekhmet for transformation.

Sekhmet's name is resounding from the lips of men and women who are actively reclaiming their power

Sekhmet's name means Power, the Mighty One. She is the feminine face of the sun, the Lady of Flame. The Egyptian goddess of both destruction and healing; she is the quintessential compassionate healer and she is also the great destroyer.  She represents the feminine fire to which you offer your undesirable patterns, and it is in her belly that the transformation occurs. She is the container, solid yet flexible, that holds you safe while you are transformed.

Join Sekhmet and Debbie Clarkin,  Zahra Indigo Rønlov and Kalita Todd for an Alchemical journey of introspection, transformation and healing. Drink deeply of the nectar of the Goddess

and awaken to renewed life!

Awakening The Healing Power Of The Heart