Private Sessions


Alchemical Healing

Debbie uses Alchemical Healing techniques  to locate the issue within the energetic body and then using Universal Life Force energy along with spirit guides and allies from the animal, plant and mineral realms and utilizing the energy of the five elements she is able to help relieve pain and facilitate healing on many levels.

Sessions are available in person or via zoom video call.

Session Approximately 1 hr.   $100.00

Intuitive Readings

Every reading is different just as every person is different. As an total empath Debbie is able to pick up and feel both emotional and physical issues that are present in her clients.   She is also clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient and a medium.   Debbie employs psychometry,  communicates with guides and uses various types of cards during her readings to get information  and messages for  her clients.

Sessions are available in person or via zoom video call.

Sessions         1 hr.                $100.00        1/2 hr.     $50.00

Spirit Releasement and Clearings

Some times when a person passes on they fail to go to the Light or Heaven.  Instead they can get stuck on the Earth or physical plain.  They can stay in the place where they died or go to a place that they were attached to in their life on Earth and in some cases they stick around or attach to a loved one or some other person.  With Debbie's  abilities as a medium and her training she is able to help these spirits to move on and go to the light.  She is also able to help people to clear themselves and their homes of unwanted  and negative energy. 

Session      $100.00 per hour


Meditation is not just relaxation, though it produces certain physical effects.  It is a way of calming the mind and making ones perceptions more acute.  When the mind can loosen its hold on the stresses of the present you can find calmness and balance that can promote harmony on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Meditation and Relaxation classes or sessions available for groups or individuals upon request. Price will vary according to needs

for more information please contact Debbie 

at 250-309-0626 or


Simply put, Debbie is the “wow factor” times 12! Debbie is deeply intuitive and very much in touch her higher self, and has a more than a few times completely shocked me with her deep connection to the core of an issue. I have referred friends and they all have been wowed as well. ~ Dawn Tyndall

Private Sessions with Debbie