Intuitive Arts


10 classes in a beginner level course on exploring the energetic world and developing intuition. 

~Classes are designed to give a basic understanding of several metaphysical topics,

        by exploring the energetic non-material world around you as well as  connecting

        with the inner and intuitive aspects of yourself. 

~Participants are provided with a safe place to learn about the hidden world of

        the intuitive arts. 

~Open discussion and sharing of experiences will be encouraged. 

Class 1 -  The Hidden World Around You

This is a basic introduction to Energy. 

What is it?

How can you feel or sense it? 

How it can be used?  

How to find your chi ball. 

How to feel energy fields. 

Our languages we use to learn and perceive the world around us.

Suggested reading list

Class 2  -  What You Think Is What You Get

Thoughts are energy. 

Thoughts have power and when made physical by writing them, even more            power. 

How our thoughts affect us and those around us.  Intentions 

Manifestation, how to create what you want in your life. 

Treasure mapping / Letter to the Universe.  

Suggested reading list 

Class 3 - Auras:  Wearing Our Essence on the Outside

What are they? 

How to see and feel them? 

Colours. What they can tell us about our emotions and health   How to see them.  

Practice seeing them, and drawing them 

Suggested reading list

Class 4 - Chakras - The Magic Rainbow Within; Or the wheels go round and round

Energy Centers in the Body

What are they? 

Where are they? 

What do they do? 

The colours and emotions attached to them?

The 7 system and 11 system.

Breathing and clearing techniques 

Suggested reading list

Class 5- Meditation - Coming Down off of the Mountain

What is meditation? 

Breathing techniques. 

Mantras, chanting.

Visualization and guided journeys.  

Practice Basic meditation / visualization and creating a safe place 

Suggested reading list

Class 6  -  Connecting to the Universal World Wide Web

How we are connected to each other and the universe around us.   

The M Field.


Remote viewing. 

Journey to see the webs that connect us.  

Practice remote scanning 

Suggested reading list

Class 7 -  Guides, Angels, Fairies, Ghosts, or Things That Go Bump in the Night

What are non corporeal beings? 

Angels and light beings. 

Fairies and elementals. 

Ghosts and earth bound entities.

Departed loved ones. 

Spirit Guides, animal guides and totems 

Journey to meet Guides 

Suggested reading list

Class 8 - Crystals: Gifts from the Earth

What are they?

How did they grow?

Vibrational rates.

Colours Uses.

How to clear then and why? 

Hold them and practice tuning into them. 

Suggested reading list

Class 9  -  Psychometry.  It’s okay when things talk to you or a picture says a thousand words.

Working with the ‘clairs’

Objects hold the energy of the people that use them. 

Photographs  capture the essence of the people and places in them. 

How to tune in to this kind of energy and interpret it. 

An introduction to the ‘clairs’: clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient 

Participants will be asked to bring a photo and a piece of jewelry of someone that they know well. 

Suggested reading list

Class 10   -  Pick a card any card.  Oracle and tarot cards

A brief history of cards.

How to choose a deck. 


Reading by intuition. 

Using the cards daily and for meditation. 

Practice reading the cards intuitively

Suggested reading list


Exploring the Energetic World and Developing Intuition

Class Schedule

Ladysmith, BC

To be announced

for more information please contact Debbie 

at 250-309-0626 or


Reincarnation Workshop

Do you have unexplained fears?

Have you ever met someone and felt like you have met before or even known each other your whole life?

Are you obsessed with or drawn to a period in history or another culture or country?

Do you ever have deja vu when traveling or visiting a new places?

Have you ever wondered about reincarnation and past lives?

A one day workshop on reincarnation.

Course outline:

A brief history of reincarnation beliefs.

How past lives can influence our present life.

Ways to identify possible past lives.

An opportunity to explore past lives through regression.   

Class Schedule

Ladysmith, BC

To Be Announced

for more information please contact Debbie 

at 250-309-0626 or


Class Schedule

Ladysmith, BC

To Be Announced

for more information please contact Debbie 

at 250-309-0626 or



Picturing our Way to a New Life

We create the life we are living through our choices and where we put our energy. Explore different ways to manifest changes you would like to make in your life. Includes writing exercises and creating a treasure map collage.